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Thurs 10 August:
“Youth: fighting for a decent future” – Intro by Tom (including more info from the CWI summer school)

Thurs 17 August:
“The Independent Labour Party split from the Labour Party in the 1930’s. What lessons can we learn from this for today’s struggle?” Intro by Andy Bentley Socialist Party regional organiser

The idea of Socialism is back on the agenda! Jeremy Corbyn’s surge has inspired millions of workers and youth across Britain and beyond that real change can be achieved. There are many lessons from history that can aid our struggle to change things.

The ILP had 16,000 members when it split from Labour in 1931, and many of the policies its leaders put forward were to the left of what Corbyn and his followers are putting forward today.
So, what caused this split? Were the ILP right or wrong to do so? What was the outcome of this split? Why is this relevant to today?

Maybe you have time to look at some of the articles below as preparation?

Here is a very good article on the economic and political background to the ILP split from Labour in 1931:
This is a good summary of the mistakes of the ILP from our debate over our ‘open turn’ in 1991: http://www.marxist.net/openturn/other/script.htm?ilp.htm


Thurs 24 August:

“Northern Ireland – is sectarian division a thing of the past?” – intro by Liat Norris Stoke SP branch organiser

“Division, not Peace” is an excellent Socialist Party pamphlet by Peter Haddon who was the North’s foremost Marxist writer and was active in the Northern Ireland labour and trade union movement from the start of the troubles to his untimely death on 5 May 2010.

It was written to draw out the socialist position on the peace process and is essential reading for all socialists, trade unions and anyone interested in Northern Ireland. It’s also excellent preparation for this discussion.


You can read “Division, not Peace” for free here


Look out for dates of upcoming topics which will include:

  • United Front or Popular Front – what is the difference?
  • Socialist feminism and the struggle for women’s rights
  • 2017 – 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
  • Why did the Russian Revolution degenerate into a Stalinist totalitarian regime?

If you would like an invite to any of these meetings or would like any more info then please text 07845893607

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