Today’s stall with Ukippers in the background where they belong!

Another excellent campaign stall in Hanley today. We arrived early to make sure that the Ukippers did not nick our usual spot by the Blue Clock Tower.

They didn’t look too happy when they turned up and one was overheard saying on his mobile phone, “We have a problem, the socialists are here”. To which we replied, “Yes, and we are always here.”

Later, one kipper came across to sign our petition against privatisation of the NHS. Another kipper, obviously his ‘superior’ shouted at him, “why are you signing that?” So much for their claim of defending the NHS!

 Again we convinced many people to either vote for Corbyn’s socialist policies or at least think about it. These included people who were originally going to vote for Ukip, Tories or have never voted before.

Quite a few Labour Party members thanked us for continuing to fight for Corbyn’s policies, some bought copies of this weeks Socialist and one donated £5 to our fighting fund.

You can read this week’s Socialist here

We will be out around the city every day in the run up to voting day on Thursday. If you want to help out then please call of text 07845893607

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