Liat reports on yesterday’s demo;

“Stoke Socialist Party members joined the local anti-Trump demo on Friday. There were around 50 or 60 demonstrators campaigning against Trump and his vile sexist, racist and homophobic policies. Many others from our area had also gone to the national demo in London.

There were a number of speakers at the event outlining why they were there, including a number of young workers and trade unionists. The most prominent being an ex-miner, Joe Cairns, who spoke about Stoke’s proud history fighting fascism, our city supporting the rebuilding of the Czech town of Lidice after it was bombed into the ground by the Nazis and the Trade Union movement fighting against fascism at Cable Street in the 30s and Welling Street in the 90s. He called for workers unity to do this again. (In the heroic miners strike of 1984/85 Joe Cairns was a ‘twelve monther’ -on strike for the whole 12 months)


Unfortunately the protest attracted a small number of pro-Trump counter protesters, who spent their time yelling racist slogan, sieg heiling and calling us “the real Nazis”. This behaviour rightly repulsed the majority of people watching from the sidelines, and only encouraged more youth to join our demonstration. Workers leaving their workplaces also came over to the protest, had some good discussions with us and took our anti-Trump and anti-Tory leaflets away.

A number of protesters also attempted to reason with the far-right counter-demo, including our own Socialist Party members, who attempted to explain the root causes of the issues to them. They weren’t having any of it though – one young woman came back exclaiming that there is no reasoning with ‘fascists’.

I spoke to a number of reporters there and outlined that Stoke-on-Trent has a proud history of fighting back against toxic far-right politics. The working class of our city saw off the BNP and UKIP and both over here and in the US it’s working class socialists campaigning on issues which will defeat Trumpism and Capitalism.”

Socialist Party member, Andy added;
“The demo was organised by North Staffs Campaign against Racism and Fascism and South Cheshire CND. Stoke Socialist Party members had a lively campaign stall at the demo calling for an immediate general election to get rid of the Tories alongside a Young Socialists’ campaign stall to get rid of Trump. Nine young people signed up to get involved with the Young Socialists, loads of people went away with our leaflets and signed the Socialist Party petition for an immediate general election and a Corbyn led government with socialist policies.”

Socialist Party member Cait told us;
“At the protest Socialist Party members were great – Chris was superb, as were Butch and Liat. And Andy showed us how to sell the paper! I felt so proud of our comrades. A young 17 year old girl called Katrina went over to speak to the far right counter protesters – some bottle for 17 eh!

After the demo I walked home with my anti-Trump placard. A bus driver gave me the thumbs up, a taxi driver hooted and a bunch of youth aged around 15 asked me about it – when I showed them the placard they started shouting ‘fuck Trump’ ”.

Listen here to Liat’s excellent interview on Radio Stoke – it’s found at 1 hour 9 minutes into the programme

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