Stoke Socialist Party is backing Jeremy Corbyn’s call on the government to provide £1 billion in their 22 November budget to ensure that sprinklers are retrofitted in all social housing across the country.

We have all witnessed the horror of Grenfell with a minimum of 80 people losing their lives but since then there has also been other fire deaths. On the 1st October in Northwood, Stoke-on-Trent a 36 year old mother and her 6 year old daughter died through smoke inhalation from a fire in the flat below. Her 6 month old daughter remains in hospital fighting for her life.

Under pressure from the campaigns carried out by Stoke Socialist Party, including a 1,500 name petition, and other residents after the Grenfell tragedy Stoke-on-Trent City Council had announced on 22nd June that they would install sprinklers in tower blocks across the city. But, if sprinklers had been installed straight away then the two tragic deaths in Northwood almost certainly would have been prevented.

People queuing up to sign our petition in Hanley

We demanded that, “The decision taken by the city council in June needs to be carried out NOW before any more deaths occur. There should be no delay – sprinklers to be fitted in all tower blocks whether council owned or privately owned before any more lives are lost.”

On the 6th October, like Jeremy Corbyn three days later, we called on the city council to, “demand government money to pay for installation of sprinklers.” We pointed out that, “When banks were going bust in 2008, billions of pounds were ‘found’ to bale them out. If they can do that to bale out the rich bankers then why not to protect ordinary working class people from the horror of more fire deaths.”

This is why Stoke Socialist Party is backing Jeremy Corbyn’s call on the government “to fund the retrofitting of sprinklers in all council and housing association tower blocks.”

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