Venezuela: We are a mighty river” –9th February 2006

“The process of revolution and counter-revolution will continue to unfold in Venezuela but at some stage will reach a decisive conclusion. Either the forces of the counter-revolution will win through a bloody military coup, as in Chile in 1973, or a ‘democratic’ counter-revolution, as in Nicaragua in the 1990s.” For more see: “Venezuela: We are a mighty river”

Socialist policies to stop counter-revolution” – 6th December 2007

“An urgent task now in Venezuela is for the working class to build their own independent organisations to take decisive action to end the political and economic power of the capitalist ruling class and introduce genuine workers’ democracy.

That process cannot be a step by step series of reforms which eventually end up in socialism. There can be no socialism without nationalising the commanding heights of the economy and putting it under workers’ control and management. Such revolutionary measures are necessary.”
For more see …. Socialist policies to stop counter-revolution”

Neither the capitalists nor regime can solve the crisis” – 13 June 2018

“This grave situation, and the increase in protests which it can provoke, could explode into a revolt at any time. If a revolutionary leadership is not built, such a revolt could lead to power falling into the hands of the far right or of sectors of the army officialdom who would accelerate the pro-capitalist and bureaucratic degeneration underway.” For more see …. Neither the capitalists nor regime can solve the crisis

Updates on the current situation to follow ………………..

Below is a more up to date report on FB from CWI comrades in Venezuela on what’s unfolding there.

“The situation in Venezuela is reaching a critical point. Imperialism and the right-wing opposition are using the despair and discomfort that exist in large sectors of the population because of pro-capitalist policies and the corruption of the bureaucracy to organize a coup d’état and take power.
During the last days the prices of the majority of products have tripled and even quadrupled. even products that the government sells or the prices of services such as telephone or electricity have soared, hitting the popular sectors and the middle classes.

In this context, the new leader of the right, Guaidó, has called to ignore Maduro with the support of the imperialists, several of whom starting with Trump have already recognized him. The pressure for the military or at least one sector to ignore Maduro and recognize Guaidó as president is enormous.
The opposition demonstrations are massive and getting desperate sectors of the poor population marching against the government from traditional Chavez neighbourhoods, including sectors of workers and activists who were a while ago with the Chavismo. The Maduro government. Its policy of attacks on workers and the search for a pact with the right is what has allowed the reaction to gain the initiative.

We must reject the coup and build a wall of resistance against imperialism and the bourgeoisie and build a revolutionary front on the left.”

24 January 2019 – Izquierda Revolucionaria (CWI in Venezuela) Executive Committee

Venezuela: For mass mobilization of workers to build real socialism and put an end to corrupt bureaucracy!  

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