Above photo shows Brum bin workers back on strike on 1st September sending a message of support to McDonald’s workers who are striking on Monday 4 September

Birmingham’s Labour council has today issued Redundancy Notices for bin workers on Grade 3. Their strike will resume tomorrow at 7am.

Jeremy Corbyn has previously said that council cuts are a “political decision”. It is vital therefore that Jeremy and his supporters in the Labour Party come out clearly in support of the bin workers and call for the immediate reversal of this political decision to carry out the Tories cuts.  Instead, Labour councils should be defending council worker’s jobs, pay and conditions.

There can be no grey areas here. Either the bin workers are supported or Tory policies implemented by a Labour council.

Jeremy Corbyn correctly came out in support of the McDonald’s workers taking strike action on Monday 4 September and the same needs to be done in support of the Birmingham bin workers.

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