Trump, climate change, war, low pay, austerity, NHS privatisation and cuts, institutional racism, soaring inequality… Every day there are more reasons to find out about the socialist alternative to the cuts and crisis of capitalism.

Socialism 2017 on 11 and 12 November will be discussing politics and the alternative more than ever! We hope you can make it this year.

Socialism 2017 will be the political event of the year!

It will be packed with ideas on how to change the world discussed among life-long fighters, new activists and the socialist-curious.

We will be celebrating the anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. 1917 provides a powerful example of how it is possible for the working class and poor to take their destiny into their own hands and transform the world. We will be discussing the impact of the revolution, including on people’s lives all across the world, and also why the Soviet Union degenerated into dictatorship.

But Socialism 2017 will not be a history lesson! It is focused on the burning questions our movements face.

  • How can we kick out the Tories?
  • Can Jeremy Corbyn win?
  • What role can workers and young people play in changing the world?
  • Do we need parties?
  • How can we defeat racism, sexism, homophobia?
  • What is socialism?
  • What is Marxism?
  • Is a socialist revolution possible in our lifetime?
  • Will it work this time?
  • Is there an easier way to change the world?

If you enjoyed the event before you should book your tickets now! If you’ve never been – you’ll love it!

You can book in one of three ways
* Call us on 020 8988 8777
* Visit our website
* Post a cheque to Socialist Party addressed to Socialism 2017 PO Box 24697, London, E11 1YD

Event info:

Find out about the free creche, the accommodation options, venues, access, etc.

Speakers: check out some of the keynote speakers

Event details here

There are Socialists travelling from North Staffs, Stafford etc to Socialism 2017. If you would like to travel with us or would like more info about it then please call or text 07845893607


10% discount on tickets – buy now!

What do hosts, Socialist Party, have to say about the struggle against low pay, how nuclear war can be avoided, how to defeat May and Trump?

Check out our website for all the latest analysis and socialist news and Socialism Today, our monthly magazine. Then book your ticket to discuss these ideas

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