Plans to privatise “all cancer and end-of-life treatment for children and adults across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent” involving “diagnosis and treatment such as radiology, radiotherapy, breast screening, chemotherapy, nursing and surgery for patients in hospitals, hospices and at home” was front page news in the Financial Times in March 2014. With a total of £1.2 billion worth of contracts on offer to private companies it was to be the biggest single privatisation ever. The government’s plan was to have this sell-off up and running by July 2015. Stoke Socialist Party led the opposition from the start and later launched together with Unite the Union andRead More →

On Saturday 22 July a special CWI Congress voted unanimously in favour of the re-unification of the CWI with Izquierda Revolucionaria in the Spanish State, Mexico and Venezuela. This will result in the incorporation of IR organisations in the Spanish state, Mexico and Venezuela into the CWI and its structures as national sections. It will also include the fusion of IR and CWI organisations in Venezuela and the Spanish state. This is an historic and important event – at a time when the working class is readying to fight back against capitalist crisis, our forces are strengthening on the basis of common understanding of, and responseRead More →

Excellent response today in Hanley in support of the NHS. It was part of many such protests, demonstrations outside hospitals and in city centres across the country. Save Longton Cottage Hospital (SLCH) campaigners were joined by the nurses union RCN members, Stoke Socialist Party members and other local activists to give out leaflets to hundreds of people. Many people queued up to sign petitions, take away badges, leaflets etc. RCN members are carrying out a summer of nationwide protests over their pay which has fallen by a staggering 14% in real terms since 2010. The SLCH campaign is fighting to get the hospital’s beds re-openedRead More →

Opinions of some travelling on the bus from Stoke organised by Unite the Union. “This protest march wasn’t just to stand up for what we believe in. It was thousands coming together remembering the people who are affected by the Tories decisions. The fact that I made so many new friends not enemies just shows that. On the day I realised we maybe angry and shouting our heads off at Theresa May but we are all mourning as well.” Andrew Duncan – who currently works in a bar “I liked the ‘This is what democracy looks like’ chant against the backdrop of young and old,Read More →

Today the Jobstown 7 have been found NOT GUILTY. A massive victory for all those involved and a massive victory for the working class! But charges still hang over 11 others, and one has already been sentenced. Now drop ALL charges against Jobstown protesters Please sign the petition here and please share For more info checkout Jobstown Not Guilty Facebook page here      Read More →

Thanks to Paula Mitchell of London Socialist Party for this excellent article Grenfell two weeks on… As survivors, local residents and workers struggle to come to terms with what happened at Grenfell and begin the fight for justice, so many more issues are raised. So too for residents of tower blocks around the country. Rehouse survivors locally – take over empty property Most immediately for survivors, of course, is dealing with the horrific trauma itself. This is made worse by the continuing failure of Kensington and Chelsea council, shoving some survivors from pillar to post, splitting up families and evicting them from hotels. The fightRead More →

  The Grenfell Tower blaze has killed many and destroyed the homes of many more, photo by @Natalie_Oxford (Twitter)   (Click to enlarge) Major investigation needed, independent of government Paul Kershaw, London Socialist Party The fire at Grenfell Tower in West London spread with horrific speed and witnesses have described heart-rending scenes as residents attempted to escape. This is a terrible tragedy and there has naturally been an outpouring of sympathy and human solidarity with the residents and families affected. We know that there have been fatalities and 74 people were taken to hospital; more than 20 ambulance crews attended. Details will come in over timeRead More →

Watch this video from the National Shop Stewards Network #NSSN on how we can build the movement to get this even more weak and divided Tory government out and bring in a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government. Come to the NSSN Conference and join hundreds of trade union and anti-cuts campaigners to discuss how we organise this. It is from 11am-4.30pm on Saturday July 1st in Conway Hall London WC1R 4RL Details at www.shopstewards.netRead More →

The following is an article by Hannah Sell, the deputy general secretary of the Socialist Party following the election results. We are holding a public meeting in Hanley on Thursday at the RVS, Charles Street, Hanley (next to Iceland) ST1 3JP starting at 7.30pm where we will be discussing how we can step up the fight for socialist policies following the election. Come along and join the discussion and get involved! Organise to fight for Corbyn’s policies! Theresa May’s failed election gamble is a nightmare for the capitalist class in Britain. Seven weeks ago most of Britain’s elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing theRead More →