Editorial of the Socialist, issue 1026 “The moderate politics we’ve had since the end of the English Civil War could be under threat”. This was the panic stricken warning of Tory transport minister Chris Grayling. Behind this remark lies the recognition of him and others that the increasing inability of capitalist politicians to control events could presage their worst nightmare – the working-class majority stepping onto the scene of history. After all, the current, unprecedented mess in the Palace of Westminster was triggered by the result of the 2016 referendum. The root cause of millions of working-class people voting for Brexit was a revolt againstRead More →

“Venezuela: We are a mighty river” –9th February 2006 “The process of revolution and counter-revolution will continue to unfold in Venezuela but at some stage will reach a decisive conclusion. Either the forces of the counter-revolution will win through a bloody military coup, as in Chile in 1973, or a ‘democratic’ counter-revolution, as in Nicaragua in the 1990s.” For more see: “Venezuela: We are a mighty river” “Socialist policies to stop counter-revolution” – 6th December 2007 “An urgent task now in Venezuela is for the working class to build their own independent organisations to take decisive action to end the political and economic power ofRead More →

Tories out – scrap Universal Credit Fight for living wages and benefits Thanks to David Maples, Lambeth and South West London Socialist Party for this article What is the real problem with Universal Credit? It’s constantly in the news, with politicians criticising delays in payment and design flaws. But most do not address the fundamental issue: austerity. The Universal Credit benefit system is part of the general Tory onslaught against the welfare state. The Socialist Party stands opposed to all these attacks, not just the worst features of them. And some of the features of Universal Credit have yet to be widely publicised. After decades of losing ‘proper’Read More →

Liat reports on yesterday’s demo; “Stoke Socialist Party members joined the local anti-Trump demo on Friday. There were around 50 or 60 demonstrators campaigning against Trump and his vile sexist, racist and homophobic policies. Many others from our area had also gone to the national demo in London. There were a number of speakers at the event outlining why they were there, including a number of young workers and trade unionists. The most prominent being an ex-miner, Joe Cairns, who spoke about Stoke’s proud history fighting fascism, our city supporting the rebuilding of the Czech town of Lidice after it was bombed into the groundRead More →

In Jeremy Hunt’s sham apology he claims, “There are more beds available across the system”. Not in North Staffordshire there aren’t! When our new hospital, now called the Royal Stoke, was built it had 300 beds less than what we had in the old hospital. Since then, over the last two years, more than 100 beds have also been closed across all five of our local hospitals (see below for more info). Not surprising then that Dr. Richard Fawcet, a consultant at the Royal Stoke, tweeted on 3 January, “As and A&E consultant, I personally apologise to the people of Stoke-on-Trent for the third worldRead More →

McDonald’s strikers have won the biggest pay rise at the company in 10 years! As the worker quoted by the Mirror says: “WE WON THIS. Biggest pay rise for 10 years! If 0.001% going on strike can win this imagine what more can do!” Fantastic result for the BFAWU bakers union and low-paid workers everywhere. Unionise and organise for the same results across the sector and beyond. http://www.mirror.co.uk/…/mcdonalds-staff-cry-victory-final… Checkout the support given locally to the campaign of McDonalds workers hereRead More →

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary “Biggest fall in living standards for a generation.” “Sharp rise in child poverty as cuts bite.” “700,000 young people and pensioners join ranks of Britain’s poor in four years.” “Stoke proposes £1,000 fine for homeless using tents.” “Budget signals longest squeeze on living standards since 1950s.” “OECD: Britain state pension is worst in the developed world.” “Nursing ‘in peril’ as number of student applications falls below 18%.” “Food banks stock up as reforms to welfare add to fears of cold winter.” These are just some of the recent headlines gleaned from the capitalist press, as they regale us dailyRead More →

The miners of Karaganda have halted their strike for the moment. Those who occupied the pits have come to the surface. There has been a decision agreed through a special court to suspend the action as the life and health of the strikers underground were in danger. Negotiations are continuing. A big victory has also been that the authorities have  withdrawn their threat to prosecute the activists. They had begun a lawsuit against the strikers for criminal liability but that has been withdrawn. The management still think they can deceive the workers by paying an immediate wage increase of 30% and monthly premiums based onRead More →

On December 15 Stoke Branch of the Socialist Party in England and part of the CWI sent our full support for the heroic struggle being carried out by the miners of Karaganda, Kazakhstan. To President Nursultan Nazarbayev we say ………. * Give the workers what they are demanding or face the consequences! * Stand down and hold genuine democratic elections! * Release all the political prisoners that you are holding in your jails and drop all charges against them! * No administrative punishment for those who support the workers’ cause! TO THE HEROIC MINERS WE SAY ……….. SOLIDARITY TO MINERS IN KAZAKHSTAN! SOLIDARITY TO MINERSRead More →

Stoke Socialist Party member, Jamie Chatfield reports on our campaign to stop our city council’s attempt to persecute the homeless. “The Socialist Party’s campaign against Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s attack on rough sleepers continued to gain support last Friday. Hundreds of people signed our petition calling on the council to withdraw its draconian threat of £1000 on-the-spot fines for rough sleepers and the immediate seizure of their tents. People recognise that these polices are nothing more than a cruel and cynical attempt to move the homeless out of Hanley’s city centre during the busy period of Christmas shopping while the Council bids to win 2021 City ofRead More →