Capitalism in Crisis – Join the fight for a real Socialist World!

To replace today’s bankrupt capitalism with a genuine socialist system it’s necessary to build a mass movement with the correct leadership.

The Socialist Party is the most determined and effective socialist organisation in the country. We are part of the Committee for a Workers’ International, the world socialist organisation. Our branches meet every week for inclusive and democratic, political discussion and to organise our forces to work with campaigns, trade unions and activists in our communities and beyond to change the world. see:

Stoke Socialist Party’s programme of political discussions towards the end of the year are as follows;


                                         .2 November 

“100 years since the Russian Revolution – .Ten Days That Shook the World”. Recommended reading here …….


All the meetings below will start at 7.30pm in the Coachmakers pub, Lichfield St, Hanley ST1 3EA -opposite Hanley bus station

.9 Nov – “Lessons of October – how are Leon Trotsky’s ideas still relevant today?”  Recommended reading here …….

“History will not forgive revolutionaries for procrastinating when they could be victorious today ….. while they risk losing much tomorrow, in fact, they risk losing everything.
If we seize power today, we seize it not in opposition to the Soviets but on their behalf.
The seizure of power is the business of the uprising; its political purpose will become clear after the seizure.”



.16 November – “What kind of political party do we need?” – Recommended reading here …..

“In this highly acclaimed study of Lenin’s conception of the revolutionary party and it’s place in Marxist thought, Lenin’s political and organisational ideas are not treated as disembodied distractions, but rather are constantly confronted with the reality of the labour movement and the revolutionary process”

. .23 November –“Why do we still talk about the Spanish civil  war and revolution?”   Recommended reading here …….                .

The Times 25 July 1936 – “An armed proletariat was in possession of the city (Barcelona). Who was to disarm them? What would the sequel be? Had the uprising of military and armed forces merely paved the way for proletarian rule in Catalonia? Such were the questions on every tongue, and at the government ‘war ‘headquarters it was evident that this question was of paramount concern.”


30 Nov – “What can 1917 tell us about the fight for LGBT rights?” Recommended reading here …….

“In 1926 it became legal to change your sex on passports and intersex and transgender people received access to medical care without state demonisation. The advances for women in the early days of the Bolshevik government secured lesbian and bisexual women with unprecedented freedoms.

100 years on and millions are marching in the wish that the US president could be close to being that progressive!”


                                  .7 December – “10 years since the world economic crisis – is there a way out for capitalism?”. Recommended reading here …….

“The combined wealth of the world’s billionaires has now reached an eye-watering $6 trillion. Up by nearly a fifth from last year, vast profits wringed from the workers of the world are concentrated in ever fewer hands. How long can this volatile situation be sustained? It cannot continue indefinitely!”


  • If you are not yet a Socialist Party member but would like to join or come along to one of our meetings then please get in touch via the comment box below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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