Awesome CWI summer school and 600 strong public meeting in Barcelona!

Over 400 comrades from 34 countries at the CWI Summer School in Barcelona

On Saturday 22 July a special CWI Congress voted unanimously in favour of the re-unification of the CWI with Izquierda Revolucionaria in the Spanish State, Mexico and Venezuela.

This will result in the incorporation of IR organisations in the Spanish state, Mexico and Venezuela into the CWI and its structures as national sections. It will also include the fusion of IR and CWI organisations in Venezuela and the Spanish state.

This is an historic and important event – at a time when the working class is readying to fight back against capitalist crisis, our forces are strengthening on the basis of common understanding of, and response to this new period and agreement on the method of how to intervene in it and the central tasks it poses for the working class and Marxism. Read the statement here.

Members of Stoke Socialist Party Branch comment on this week long event in Barcelona:

Mandy, a member of Stoke Socialist Party for 14 years said;

Mandy with son and ex Stoke Socialist Party member Adam Dudley who has played a key role in Ireland in the successful Jobstown Not Guilty campaign

This was the best CWI school I have ever been to. Very inspiring and emotional at times. The contributions made by comrades from around the world were incredible – we are truly an international.

You could feel the togetherness in every room. We are as one and as such we can achieve a socialist revolution sooner rather than later. YES WE CAN!

Adam Dudley told us …

In Ireland we’ve already seen major struggles against austerity measures, for workers rights and pay, for marriage equality and for abortion rights. At the same time the establishment have fought back against those movements and against the left. Most keenly in attempting to convict peaceful water charge protestors of the ‘false imprisonment’ of a government minister!

Similar movements and attacks from the right are happening around the world as a new generation are drawing the conclusion that this Capitalist system is rotten to the core. Inequality, injustice and the denial of rights are the new norm for millions of workers, women and young peole.

The CWI summer school brought together socialists from around the world to discuss the ideas, struggles and organisations necessary to challenge a conservative status quo and fight for a Socialist world.

We take inspiration from all the discussions but more importantly we take away lessons and ideas back to Ireland to help us build a mass socialist party.

Alberto Fernadez, a member of Izquierda Revolucionaria in Spain for 7 years during which time he was also a member of Stoke Socialist Party in 2016/17, had this this to say ..

Attending the CWI summer school in Barcelona has been a great inspiration for me. A week of political discussion and debate, concerning questions of Marxist strategy and tactics, knowing in detail the situation facing other revolutionaries around the world and drawing out lessons that arm us theoretically to intervene with our forces in the real class struggle and build the influence of our CWI sections based on future political developments. Forward to the 2018 summer school!

Alberto Fernandez and Andy Bentley with the CWI banner

Socialist Party regional organiser Andy Bentley told us ……

I will always remember my very first visit to a CWI summer school in 1986 – it was excellent. But this week long summer school was awesome. We had comrades present from 34 different countries including from Columbia for the very first time.

Speakers at the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution Public Meeting

The public rally in the centre of Barcelona to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution drew over 600 people and was an exciting and uplifting event. See video here

There were tears of emotion in the eyes of many when the International was belted out in many languages at the end. See video here


The unanimous vote for unification of the CWI with Izquierda Revolucionaria is of historic importance and strengthens our international socialist organisation in Spain, Venezuela and Mexico. The recently adopted chant in many parts of the world, “Si, se puede” (Yes, we can) was bouncing off the walls after this vote. See video here

Over 600 crammed into the 100th anniversary meeting to celebrate and learn the lessons of the Russian Revolution

This event demonstrated that comrades of the CWI are confident, determined and growing stronger on a global scale.

Our aim is to get rid of this stinking corpse that is 21st century capitalism and replace it with a socialist world that is run in the interests of the many and not the privileged few. If you are not already a member then join us now!


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