Another excellent campaign stall in Hanley today. We arrived early to make sure that the Ukippers did not nick our usual spot by the Blue Clock Tower. They didn’t look too happy when they turned up and one was overheard saying on his mobile phone, “We have a problem, the socialists are here”. To which we replied, “Yes, and we are always here.” Later, one kipper came across to sign our petition against privatisation of the NHS. Another kipper, obviously his ‘superior’ shouted at him, “why are you signing that?” So much for their claim of defending the NHS!  Again we convinced many people toRead More →

Thursday 1st of June – third day on the trot so far this week campaigning hard in Hanley to build support for Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies. This work is vital in making sure that the Tories are prevented from getting MP’s in any area of Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle. Unfortunately, none of the leaflets being given out by our local Labour MP’s Rob Flello, Ruth Smeeth, Gareth Snell and Paul Farrelly include the socialist policies of Jeremy Corbyn which are part of the Labour manifesto and popular among working class people. It’s policies like renationalisation of the rail, postal and energy companies along with the scrapping ofRead More →