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Trump, climate change, war, low pay, austerity, NHS privatisation and cuts, institutional racism, soaring inequality… Every day there are more reasons to find out about the socialist alternative to the cuts and crisis of capitalism. Socialism 2017 on 11 and 12 November will be discussing politics and the alternative more than ever! We hope you can make it this year. Socialism 2017 will be the political event of the year! It will be packed with ideas on how to change the world discussed among life-long fighters, new activists and the socialist-curious. We will be celebrating the anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. 1917 provides aRead More →

Above Brummie bin workers showing support and solidarity with McDonald’s strikers Thanks to Rob Williams, national chair of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) for this update from TUC conference ….. TUC Congress has today voted unanimously for a Unite emergency motion supporting the Birmingham bin workers and condemning Birmingham council for reneging on the deal agreed at ACAS. In a barnstorming speech, Unite assistant general secretary and acting West Midlands regional secretary Howard Beckett slammed the council chief executive, and the Labour councillors for not standing up to her. “The Labour council are acting like Tories in how they are treating their workers. OurRead More →

“The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) rally in Brighton on 10 September was the most inspiring yet! The rally is now a regular feature at – and generally stands in stark contrast to – the TUC annual congress which it is timed to coincide with. We saw a mix of fighting trade union leaders and workers currently active in workplace disputes. The TUC is always busy with its reports of mistreatment of workers and trade union members. The rally demanded action: it’s time for change.” You can read the full report here Here is a short clip of the NSSN rally More info about theRead More →

‘Historic’ is a word that is bandied around a lot in the labour movement. But it is a fitting description of the action taken by McDonald’s workers organised by bakers’ union BFAWU on 4 September. The global corporation has been operating here since opening its first store in Woolwich in 1974. Workers in the nearby Crayford restaurant, along with a branch in Cambridge, have become the first McDonald’s workers in Britain to take strike action. The point has been made on the picket lines and at solidarity protests that action of this kind is exactly what the working class needs. Young people organising to rejectRead More →

Above photo shows Brum bin workers back on strike on 1st September sending a message of support to McDonald’s workers who are striking on Monday 4 September Birmingham’s Labour council has today issued Redundancy Notices for bin workers on Grade 3. Their strike will resume tomorrow at 7am. Jeremy Corbyn has previously said that council cuts are a “political decision”. It is vital therefore that Jeremy and his supporters in the Labour Party come out clearly in support of the bin workers and call for the immediate reversal of this political decision to carry out the Tories cuts.  Instead, Labour councils should be defending council worker’s jobs, pay and conditions. ThereRead More →

Many thanks to Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell for this article that explains the need for a socialist Brexit.  The Single Market: a neoliberal tool of the bosses Theresa May’s four-week holiday is drawing to a close. She is returning to an autumn of watching her party tear itself apart over the EU. Following her humiliating general election campaign she really is a ‘dead prime minister walking’; powerless to be more than a passive bystander in the Tories’ civil war. According to the capitalist media the only Brexit choices on offer are the ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ visions offered by the two wings of theRead More →

Thanks to Corinthia Ward from Birmingham Socialist Party for this update: VICTORY FOR STANDING TOGETHER AND UNION ORGANISATION – But issues remain to be resolved Following magnificent action by Brum’s bin workers with high turnouts at picket lines, the increasingly determined workforce has forced a management retreat. It was the strength and determination, organisation and unity with effective flexible tactics that forced a ‘hard-nosed’ employer to the table. The strike has been suspended pending talks around other issues after the Council gave up their attack on Grade 3 workers. It represents a defeat for bosses and also included that a suspended union rep was re-instated.Read More →

Stoke Socialist Party members visited striking Birmingham bin workers today at the Perry Barr depot. We went to offer our backing for their five week old dispute and to ask how we could build support for their struggle against a Labour council who have made a political choice to attack their jobs, pay and safety conditions. Workers are certainly in a mood to fight against these attacks. Every bin worker we spoke to was adamant that they will continue their struggle. Many are extremely angry because they have previously gone along with some changes that have only benefited the bosses. Now they have clearly had enough.Read More →

An analysis of the current situation in Venezuela written by Socialists instead of by media hacks and assorted right-wing politicians who think they know what Socialism is and are actually terrified at the spread of real Socialist ideas across the globe. Many thanks to Izquierda Revolucionaria Venezuela and  Socialismo Revolucionario for this article. Only the working class taking power from capitalists and bureaucrats can defeat reaction On 30 July elections were held to elect members of the “National Constituent Assembly” (ANC). In the days prior to the election, US imperialism and the MUD (the coalition which unites the right and far-right in Venezuela) backed a campaignRead More →

Thurs 10 August: “Youth: fighting for a decent future” – Intro by Tom (including more info from the CWI summer school) Thurs 17 August: “The Independent Labour Party split from the Labour Party in the 1930’s. What lessons can we learn from this for today’s struggle?” Intro by Andy Bentley Socialist Party regional organiser The idea of Socialism is back on the agenda! Jeremy Corbyn’s surge has inspired millions of workers and youth across Britain and beyond that real change can be achieved. There are many lessons from history that can aid our struggle to change things. The ILP had 16,000 members when it splitRead More →