The Grenfell Tower blaze has killed many and destroyed the homes of many more, photo by @Natalie_Oxford (Twitter)   (Click to enlarge) Major investigation needed, independent of government Paul Kershaw, London Socialist Party The fire at Grenfell Tower in West London spread with horrific speed and witnesses have described heart-rending scenes as residents attempted to escape. This is a terrible tragedy and there has naturally been an outpouring of sympathy and human solidarity with the residents and families affected. We know that there have been fatalities and 74 people were taken to hospital; more than 20 ambulance crews attended. Details will come in over timeRead More →

Watch this video from the National Shop Stewards Network #NSSN on how we can build the movement to get this even more weak and divided Tory government out and bring in a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government. Come to the NSSN Conference and join hundreds of trade union and anti-cuts campaigners to discuss how we organise this. It is from 11am-4.30pm on Saturday July 1st in Conway Hall London WC1R 4RL Details at www.shopstewards.netRead More →

The following is an article by Hannah Sell, the deputy general secretary of the Socialist Party following the election results. We are holding a public meeting in Hanley on Thursday at the RVS, Charles Street, Hanley (next to Iceland) ST1 3JP starting at 7.30pm where we will be discussing how we can step up the fight for socialist policies following the election. Come along and join the discussion and get involved! Organise to fight for Corbyn’s policies! Theresa May’s failed election gamble is a nightmare for the capitalist class in Britain. Seven weeks ago most of Britain’s elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing theRead More →

Join Socialist Party members and others at our campaign stall tomorrow to help us continue the fight for real socialist change! Tomorrow Sat 10 June at the Blue Clock Tower, outside Potteries shopping Centre in Hanley between 10am and 12 noon. And/or Join us after at 12.30pm for a chat about the outcome of the election and how we can continue the fight. We’ll be meeting up at the cafe inside Hanley Market (by the escalators) Could you let us know if you can come along to the campaign stall and/or for a chat after, even if it’s just for ten minutes or so. And please getRead More →

Many thanks to Dan, a young worker and trade union member who sent the article below to Coventry Socialist Party website “Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity policies have inspired people across the country and around the world. Young people especially have been supportive of Jeremy’s ideas, attending rallies and campaigning for him in the general election. One poll suggests that 68% of people aged 18-24 will vote Labour, 52% ahead of the Tories! So why should young people support Jeremy? Politicians have lied to us before, so many of us don’t trust a word any of them say. Nick Clegg said he’d scrap tuition fees – thatRead More →

‘From Militant to the Socialist Party’ by Peter Taaffe Published by Socialist Books Buy your copy by clicking here The present general election campaign will see a choice for those opposed to Tory austerity. The battle within Labour rages over Tony Blair’s legacy and those seeking to continue it, and supporters of Corbyn who want to see working-class political representation. In this battle, the influence of the Socialist Party, formerly Militant, has been a touchstone, showing how it is possible for working-class people to organise and win. From Militant to the Socialist Party covers developments from the New Labour takeover of the Labour Party toRead More →

Another excellent campaign stall in Hanley today. We arrived early to make sure that the Ukippers did not nick our usual spot by the Blue Clock Tower. They didn’t look too happy when they turned up and one was overheard saying on his mobile phone, “We have a problem, the socialists are here”. To which we replied, “Yes, and we are always here.” Later, one kipper came across to sign our petition against privatisation of the NHS. Another kipper, obviously his ‘superior’ shouted at him, “why are you signing that?” So much for their claim of defending the NHS!  Again we convinced many people toRead More →

Thursday 1st of June – third day on the trot so far this week campaigning hard in Hanley to build support for Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies. This work is vital in making sure that the Tories are prevented from getting MP’s in any area of Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle. Unfortunately, none of the leaflets being given out by our local Labour MP’s Rob Flello, Ruth Smeeth, Gareth Snell and Paul Farrelly include the socialist policies of Jeremy Corbyn which are part of the Labour manifesto and popular among working class people. It’s policies like renationalisation of the rail, postal and energy companies along with the scrapping ofRead More →